Ustun Ozgur Software

Ustun Ozgur Software is a company that builds modern and ambitious web applications.

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to deliver excellent results for our clients.

Our aim is to build Turkey's greatest software development company.

We provide the best service for our customers and the best environment for our coworkers.

We strive for excellence. We build things that work.


We work with North American startups.

One of our main clients is SellerCrowd, an online social network
for media sellers and buyers.

We have been building SellerCrowd for more than 3 years, and it has reached more than 20,000 media professionals based in the US, mainly in NYC, Boston, California and Texas.

We are seeking ambitious clients who have challenging projects and who want to take their innovation to the next level.

Tools of the Trade

We love functional programming.

We are experts in Python, JavaScript and Clojure.

We specialize in Django and React JS.

Postgresql, ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4J and Datomic are in our arsenal.

Education: Training and Workshops

We provide professional training on React.js and advanced JavaScript.

Please get into contact with us at [email protected] to inquire about our training.

For detailed information about our future and previous workshops, see our training page.


[email protected]

Feel free to visit us anytime at ARI Teknokent 3 at Maslak, Istanbul.